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Target Area: Abs

We at Body Builders Network welcome your nutrition questions. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to you requests here, in our Abs Column.

Q: What's a good regimen to follow to target my abs?

Warm Up Start by grabbing your own personal space on the gym floor or gym mat, lying face down, palms flat on the floor and hands at about your nipples, slowly arch your back concentrating on expanding your abdominal muscles by bringing your body to almost a "u" shape, and then returning to the floor position. Do this for 10 reps and about 2 sets. The opposite can be done by lying flat out on your back and arching your body up into a back bend; again, always focusing on your abs, not using your lower back. Start slowly, little by little. Beginners should work their way up to a full stretch. If you suffer from lower back problems, as with any exercise, you should first consult your doctor or experiment with the movement. If you feel any movement or particular exercise aggravates your condition, stop!

Abdominal Sit-up

Start with your back flat on the floor, legs up as if you were sitting on a chair that fell backward to the floor. Cross your feet at your ankles. For beginners who might get rapidly fatigued by this position, you can flip your legs up on a bench or up against a wall. Now, here is the trick: take both arms and cross them in front of you on your chest and look straight up at the ceiling. Pick a point of focus on the ceiling and look at it. This exercise should be performed in short motions pointing your chin up at that spot on the ceiling. Your head should not move, or should move very little. Do not bring your chin into your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the floor.
The abdominal sit-up is performed with precision and with very little movement. You can vary the sit-up by using the same technique and crunching from side to side. For this exercise, you should place the hand of the side you are working behind your head, elbow flat to the floor. With proper form, use your abs and the right side of your ab muscle to pull your body up, bringing your right elbow to your left knee. Do the same for the left side.


Sit on a bench take a deep breath and exhale the air from your abdomen. Now flex your abs tight, really tight and "squeeze." Repeated short burst of this movement for 20-25 reps does more for your abs than one thousand non-abdominal sit-ups. The same technique can be applied to the lower, side abs or oblique muscles. Taking it even a step further you can place your fingers on the cut between your abs and concentrate on flexing only that area. Do this throughout your entire abdominal area. Remember this is how you isolate and detail each and every abdominal block.

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