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Weight Gain

We at Body Builders Network welcome your requests for advice. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to you requests here, in our Weightgain Column.

Q: I am a slender built male with high metabolism wondering if there is a way for me to eat correctly and gain the weight that I want (30 pounds)?

The best way to add the solid muscle mass you want is to have a well sound nutrition and training program. You will promote muscle mass and growth through your training, but it will do you not one bit of good if you are not feeding the body enough food to get the job done. You must increase your food intake through high quality protein (Meats, and/or powders) and good natural carbohydrates (rice, oatmeal, potatoes, vegetables).


It is that simple, but you must remain consistent on your plan to reach your goal. It will take you more than a few weeks or months to achieve what you want. Remember consistency and hard training.

Body Types

There are basically two body-types, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs and you seem to be one of the lucky ones to be blessed with the latter of the two.
Endomorphs are primarily those people who are chubby and husky all the time. They have the typical rounded "O" shape to their body. They can put on muscle, but they also can put on fat.
Mesomorphs, are born gifted! They posses relatively lean physiques while being able to put on muscle easily.

Eat Food

The best weight gain supplement out there is........ food, food, and more food. Supplements are just that... supplements. If you are not eating and training right they will not even work to their full potential. I would get a protein powder or meal replacement powder (Met-rx, Nytro PRo, etc) to help add good quality meals and calories to your diet.

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