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We at Body Builders Network welcome your requests for advice. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to you requests here, in our Routines Column.

Staggered Training

Forced Reps: have a partner during this type of training, after doing normal amounts of reps on your last set, you have your partner help you do more reps, by gently lifting some of the weight with you during the last set

Partial Reps: partner needed on this training as well, your partner will lift the weight for you and you lower it by yourself a few inches then lift weight

Negative Reps: partner will lift weights for you as you only lower it and partner will then raise it and you will lower it

Forced Negatives: partner will push down on the weight as you lower it

Intensity Training

Supersets: doing 2 exercises in a row with no rest

(using opposing muscles)

Trisets: doing 3 sets in a row without resting ( usually using different angles for that muscle or opposing muscles )

Stripping Method: do normal amount of reps then drop the weight and do same amount of reps with half the weight

Isotension Principal: while resting flex and contract muscle being exercised on that set

Instinctive Principal: switch up routine depending on what your goals are periodically

Pre-Exhaust Principal: train the larger muscles first

Flushing: after doing all sets, raise the weight to a certain point about 1/3 of way up and hold, then 1/2 and hold then when you are at the top of the movement hold then do the same thing on the way down

Multi-Exercise Sets: do 5-6 sets of different exercises for a body part, example:  1 set of bench press, 1 set of flyes, 1 set of incline, 1 set of decline, 1 set of butterflyes

One and a Half Method: do one full rep then do 1/2 of a rep

Platoon System: do 1/2 of a rep in the low motion for 7 reps, then do the top part of a rep for 7 more reps, then do the full range of motion for 7 reps, do this non-stop

Ballistic Training: raise the weight faster than normal and lower weight slower than normal

Pyramid Training:    set 1:  12 reps light weight

                                  set 2:  10 reps little heavier weight

                                  set 3:   8 reps moderate weight

                                  set 4:   6 reps heavy moderate weight

                                  set 5:   4 reps heavy weight

                                  set 6:   2 reps close to 1 rep max weight

Shock Training

After 1-3 months of training depending on how hard you train you will need to switch up your routines. This will help you confuse your muscles, because muscle adapt to the stress they are put under and what you do does not tear them down this will help you, also a good plateau buster.

You wake up at 8:00 am, you will eat at 9:00 and start working out at 10:00, you will then do 1 exercise for each muscle group.  One hour after working out eat again, and do this every 2 hours that day until 10:00 pm which will be your last workout of the night, then you eat right after that, and you sleep for 10 hours.

8:00 am : wake up

9:00 am : eat breakfast

10:00 am : workout

11:00 am : eat protein

12:00 n    : workout

1:00 pm : eat protein

2:00 pm : workout

3:00 pm : eat protein

4:00 pm : workout

5:00 pm : eat protein

6:00 pm : workout

7:00 pm : eat protein

8:00 pm : workout

9:00 pm : eat protein

10:00 pm workout

10:45 pm : eat protein

11:00 pm : sleep for 10 hours

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see, here on Body Builders Network.

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