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Target Area: Legs

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Q: How can I build my legs without doing huge weight squats?

We have clients jump back off the weight and work on going glutes parallel to the ground for a solid ten reps. We have worked with some people that had to start with just the bar until they got used to going parallel to the ground, then we gradually built up their weight. Technique first, the weight will follow. Never go below 6 reps on squats. Do a minimum of 4 sets. Have someone to assure you that you are going full range or use a bench. Do not decrease your ROM as you increase the weight. If you do, you are using too much weight. Get a spotter and do two to three forced reps on your last set.
Try also dropping back down in weight and burning the reps out-but, remember full range. Next on the leg press-try doing drop sets. This really adds the finishing touch to leg development.

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