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We at Body Builders Network welcome your requests for advice. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to you requests here, in our Fitness Column.

Daily Values



Protein                4 cal/g  30 % of total =  300 calories   = 75g

Carbohydrates    4 cal/g  60 % of total =  600 calories   = 150g

Lipids                 9 cal/g  10 % of total =  100 calories   = 11g



Protein               4 cal/g  30 % of total =  600 calories   =  150g

Carbohydrates   4 cal/g  60 % of total = 1200 calories  =  300

Lipids                9 cal/g  10 % of total =  200 calories   =  22g



Protein              4 cal/g  30 % of total =  900 calories    =  225g

Carbohydrates  4 cal/g  60 % of total = 1800 calories   =  450g 

Lipids               9 cal/g  10 % of total =  300 calories    =  33g

Sets and Reps

REPS WEIGHTS       %1RM              RESULTS         REST PERIOD

2 -  8 Heavy     85%-90%           Strength         2-3 minutes

8 - 12 Medium    75%-80%       Building/Toning      1 minute

12 - 16 Light    50%-65%            Toning          30 seconds


50 Health Tips

  • One beer a week will lower risk of kidney stones by 40%

  • Blueberries have most amount of antioxidants in any food

  • Weight Training helps raise Resting Metabolic Rate, lower depression,  strength     bones, help immune system, improve blood flow

  • Calcium without vitamin d is useless to help strengthen bones

  • Drinking milk with a meal will help flush fat right out of system

  • To build endurance and tone in muscle rest 30 seconds between sets

  • When body has no energy to burn it will take from fat, but if fat is not   close enough to source needed, it will break down muscles, muscles are   easier to break down than fat.

  • Healthiest to spread meals over a 5 eatings rather than 3

  • When lifting weights, raising the lift tempo will burn more fat and make muscle  more cut

  • To develop hard abs use weight with low reps

  • Slow tempo during reps will create strengths and muscle mass

  • Peak contraction is when muscle is flexed during the transition phrase of a  rep, muscle is torn more doing this type of lift and normal reps.

  • To build strength extend rest between reps to 2-3 minutes to help muscles  repair between sets

  • Form is very essential while lifting weights, without form it is to tear and  pull muscles

  • Vitamin E after weightlifting will decrease soreness of muscles

  • Your diet is more important than exercising when training

  • Abs, forearms, calves, and spinal erectus are the only muscles that can be  trained everyday

  • Low-Glycemic foods will help body burn more fat for fuel

  • Egg whites are one of the purest forms of protein

  • Best no weight workouts are push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, diamond push-ups,  shoulder push-ups

  • Having a tan will make muscles appear to be large and more cut

  • Tanning booths cause skin cancer 7x times faster than tanning under the sun

  • Do not develop abs without working lower back (spinal erectus) will tear  muscles after awhile of lifting; same with biceps and triceps

  • To develop a peak in biceps do either concentration curls or preacher curls

  • To develop lower abs do 6 inches and hold abs spread legs apart then  together for 1 minute

  • Muscles women like most on men:

                                                               1.) Shoulders

                                                               2.) Biceps

                                                               3.) Abs

                                                               4.) Gluteus

                                                               5.) Calves

  • To develop strength use a weight that is 75-100% of max

  • Keep a training log to see progress overtime and note what works and what  does not work

  • Periodically max out on every muscle to see improvements

  • Drinking water will help reduce appetite

  • Getting 7-9 hours of sleep will help body rebuild muscles broken down from  training

  • Never stretch until warmed up

  • To gain weight exercise, double or triple protein intake, double  carbohydrate intake and fat intake to promote muscle growth

  • If you train by using weights and cardiovascular, do weight training first  then cardiovascular to burn more calories

  • Free Weights in the long run are better than machines, free weights can work  muscle from different angles unlike machine which only allow one angle

  • Flexing muscle is the same as working them

  • Potassium will help stop muscle cramps

  • Anabolic steroids can cause breast enlargement, infertility, shrinking of  testicles, male-pattern baldness, excessive hair, tendon rupture, stunting of growth, acne, cancer, heart attacks

  • Take a week off every 2 months to give muscle a break between different  routines

  • After coming back from a break, muscle will make faster gains in size,  strength and tone

  • Drink plenty of water while exercising to keep muscle working optimally

  • After lifting weights muscles build up lactic acid in muscle to give muscle energy to keep working, also making it more stiff, by stretching you release lactic acid from muscle making muscle feel tired after stretching

  • Taking protein powder or pills can after a time can put a  tremendous strain  on liver and make it proned to cancer

  • Breathing is very important in exercise, when lifting weights inhale as  muscles lower weight as muscles raise weight exhale

  • Bodybuilders and Power lifters need to warm-up full body not just muscles  being worked to mimizie risk of injury

  • Any exercise is better than not doing any kind of training

  • To build body mass rest 1 minute between sets

  • 500 mg of magnesium daily can double strength gains

  • Body absorbs water faster the colder it is

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see, here on Body Builders Network.

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