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We at Body Builders Network welcome your requests for advice. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to you requests here, in our Arms Column.

Arm Training

Are you dissatisfied with the size of your arms? Gee, that narrows you down to just about every bodybuilder who ever lived!

Well, of course you can only work with Ma Nature gave you. And the likelihood that you'll get those 20" guns that bodybuilders CLAIM (many falsely) to have isn't too great.

However, there is good news! The following routine has NEVER failed to produce significant improvements in muscular size and strength. This special arm program is brief, efficient and productive. takes only 5 minutes! Yup, you read right - 5 minutes. But if DONE RIGHT (and I must emphasize that part) these will be perhaps the most painful 5 minutes you've ever spent in the gym. Originally tested at the Nautilus Research Center in Lake Helen, Florida by that wild and wacky guy, Arthur Jones.

Now, if you progress in your workouts as directed and get adequate rest, you will be rewarded with measurable increases in the circumference of your upper arms. Dr. Ellington Darden has said, "Most bodybuilders can expect to add 1/2 inch of muscle mass to their upper arms in a week and a full inch after a month". Yeah, I know - he drinks. But according to Matt Brzycki this actually does work. And his buddy, Tom Laputka (ex-NFLer) has used it as well with great success.

Okay, no more wordy bastardese and on with the program!

Oooh this is such a killer....sorry I just had to say that. You perform ONE (which is a number, so I can really say all HITers perform "a number of sets" HAH! We use that one when we sell work in consulting all the time....oops) set of four different exercises, two for the biceps and two triceps:

  1. One repetition Chin-up (30-60 seconds raising and 30-60 seconds lowering...yes you heard right, that's no typo), IMMEDIATELY followed by
  2. Biceps Curl (machine or free weight) + forced negatives Rest for one minute max.
  3. One repetition Dip (30-60 seconds raising and 30-60 seconds lowering, again no typo), IMMEDIATELY followed by
  4. Triceps Extension (machine or free weight) + forced negatives.

One rep Chin-up: From a hanging, underhand position with arms straight, take as long as possible to get your chin over the bar. Try to move a fraction of an inch and hold, another fraction of an inch and hold, and so on. Remain in each position briefly (without lowering) and move up inch by inch until your chin is above the bar. Have your training partner (who has a watch, I hope) call out the time in seconds (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) to you as the exercise progresses. Once you've reached the top position, lower yourself in exactly the same manner. Again, your training partner should call out your time in seconds. Begin this movement with 30 seconds up, and 30 seconds down. Add 5 seconds to the positive and negative phases every workout. When you can perform 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down, first, I'll be impressed, but most importantly, use a weight belt or hold a dumbbell between your legs to make the movement harder.

Biceps Curl: If you do curls IMMEDIATELY after the one rep shin-up will reduce your level of strength in the curl by approx. 50%. So you should use about half the normal weight your would normally handle for whatever amount of reps (e.g., 8-12) you can handle. Perform as many reps as you can WITHOUT CHEATING! It's hell, but you've got to keep good form. Go to failure, and then, have your partner give you a forced rep. Then, have your partner help you do forced negatives, i.e., he/she lifts the weight for you, and you lower the weight in about 6-8 seconds. Continue this till you can't control the descent any longer.

Okay, now I'll let you have a break and drink your Gatorade or whatever for about one minute's worth of rest.

One-rep Dip: Do this the same way as the one-rep chin. Triceps Extension: Same way as Biceps Curl.

I know one person who tried this routine, and they couldn't move their arms afterwards! It was a woman, BTW, and I'm telling you that to insult the guys' egos. I notice women seem to have better form then men, and also can go to failure just as easily as men.

Do not continue to work your arms like this for more than one month. No way! If you do you'll definitely overtrain. I'd say even two weeks is plenty (which probably works out to 3 workouts for your HITers).

Your training partner is also really important here. They've gotta watch your form and help you move from one exercise to the next FAST! Also make sure you write down what you did, so you know for the next workout.

BTW, there has been only ONE man who did a 60/60 chin and dip the FIRST time he ever tried. And not only that, he did this as the END of his workout, after his arms were obviously tired. That man was Boyer Coe.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see, here on Body Builders Network.

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