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We at Body Builders Network welcome your requests for advice. Go ahead, ask us for advice by emailing us at You will find our advice replies to general requests here, in our Advice Column. For personal one-on-one training, Click Here.

Q: How can i built my arms with out any equipment?

Believe it or not you can build muscle by just flexing. It takes practice but it can come with time. The other issue is taking a good supplement and eat a good amount of healthy foods and it will do nothing but help your body build muscle. Without the proper protein and carb to fat level you could work hard all you want with equipment and you won't get half the results as flexing and eating real good. Don't forget plenty of water.

Suggestion, you can do pull ups on a bar across a door way or tree. Reverse hands and do them both ways.

Q: What can I do to help develop my abs?

I believe that the biggest part of successful abs are due to proper eating. You must have the proper amounts protein in your diet without all the junk out there to accomplish that look. Training them is important as well. Do not over train them either. Only do enough to stimulate them.

Q: Is there any way to prevent after workout soreness?

What your experiencing is called lactic acid. It is a toxin the body releases when your trying to get your muscles to grow. You can combat that with a good eating regimen, some good aminos (branch chain will help repair), and you must learn how to stretch the fascia of the muscles.

Your stretching should be taken very seriously. You should stretch before you start your warm up. You should stretch between every set and once more when you complete your workout of that body part. You should hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds. There are many benefits to doing this regularly.

Q: I dislocated my right shoulder 3 weeks ago and I was wondering what exerisces can I do to get it's strength back, and also what can I do to keep it from being sore and happening again?

First, I need to say that you must understand it is more important for the present and even more important for your future to know, You must take your time and let it heal first. Especially your kind of injury. Most if not all people try to come back too soon. You will hinder the healing process and cause you great grief if you do not take your time.

You should get on some good supplements. Multi-Vitamin and Mineral to start. Some extra Vitamin C. Glucosimine and Chondroitine would help. Get in some good fatty oils, E, flax seed, primrose.

As for exercises, there are some great ones for your problem. I would go to a good physical therapist and ask for some strengthening moves. It is very difficult for me to explain in detail without feeling like I was able to know you are totally understanding and executing them correctly.

Q: Is it possible to workout too much? I work out 6 days a week, 3 different workouts twice a week. I'm just wondering if I'd get better results if I took more time to rest?

Yes, I do believe in periodazation. That is time off for growth. When we spend time in the gym, as we should. We are tearing our body down. When we spend time resting, we are in a state of growth. No matter the goals rest is growth. Unless you are abusing growth drugs your body does not have the time and energy to heal and repair by the time you do that body part again. I train 4 days a week and hit each body part once. The other three days I am growing due to rest. With the exception of abs. I will do abs twice a week.

Q: How can I build my legs without doing huge weight squats?

We have clients jump back off the weight and work on going glutes parallel to the ground for a solid ten reps. We have worked with some people that had to start with just the bar until they got used to going parallel to the ground, then we gradually built up their weight. Technique first, the weight will follow. Never go below 6 reps on squats. Do a minimum of 4 sets. Have someone to assure you that you are going full range or use a bench. Do not decrease your ROM as you increase the weight. If you do, you are using too much weight. Get a spotter and do two to three forced reps on your last set.
Try also dropping back down in weight and burning the reps out-but, remember full range. Next on the leg press-try doing drop sets. This really adds the finishing touch to leg development.

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